The Lemon Run – Cayman Islands Style

Aah, The Lemon Run… temperatures during the 80’s, tropical perspectives, the smell of the sea… it doesn’t exactly seem like a November day in Philadelphia isn’t that right? That is on the grounds that this is the thing that virtual Lemon Run member Danielle Cococcia will insight on November 10 in her old neighborhood of George Town in the Cayman Islands. Albeit more than 2,000 of us will look for some kind of employment around excellent Fairmount Park on November 10 in Philadelphia, we have a few virtual members that have joined the exertion and are finishing their own 5K (3.1 mile) run or walk where they live on November 10. Notwithstanding Danielle and her group, Team Cayman, we likewise have global interest in Greece and across the U.S. from Connecticut to California!

Danielle and her family.Danielle and her family.

Danielle chose to engage with ALSF subsequent to acknowledging how little mindfulness there is for youth disease examination and how it’s crucial to discovering better medicines and solutions for our saints. By carrying The Lemon Run to her bright island on November 10, Danielle isn’t just expanding mindfulness but on the other hand she’s working really hard of raising assets – she’s as of now raised $300 and has defined an objective to raise $1,000. Considering $50 reserves one hour of youth disease research, this converts into much required help for probably the best and most splendid pediatric malignancy analysts.

A year ago we had Lance Corporal Tim Sullivan, who at the time was positioned in Afghanistan, take an interest essentially in The Lemon Run. As indicated by Tim… “I went to the principal Lemon Run in the fall of 2009 and made some incredible memories. I thought running practically while serving abroad would be a cool method to in any case take an interest, battle youth disease and get different soldiers associated with something fun here in Afghanistan.”

So don’t let the geographic area of The Lemon Run hinder you from taking an interest – join as a virtual member and be a vital individual from Team Alex at our biggest one day occasion to assist kids with malignancy all over the place.