What Should You Know As A First Time Smoker

Any stoner will know that this is the right time for all cannabis smokers. With cannabis made legal in the States, there is no need for any cannabis introduction anymore. Cannabis affects different people, and on some, it doesn’t have any effect at all. It is entirely normal, and some may get light-headed. It all depends on the strain you are taking and on your mood.

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Things to know as a first-time smoker       

  • Drink lots of water

Dry mouth is so familiar with smoking cannabis. It’s good to keep the mouth hydrated while keeping the mouth moist. Likewise, Since it is the first time, it is best to start with little smoking. With one drag, drink plenty of water.

  • It can be edibles or concentrates

If this is the first time, it is best to start less and get the feel. There are various smoking options like bongs, vapes, etc. Don’t do the roll yourself as you will do wrong. Give someone who has the idea of doing it.

The weed won’t have immediate effects on the body. It takes a few minutes for the effects to kick in. It is not good to take multiple spliffs because you will feel thirsty within seconds. Besides, take a couple of puffs and then pass it on.

  • Resort to music when smoking

To enjoy the drags, you have to be in the right mood. Secondly, music creates an active response in the body. Choose any music that you like and tune in to the set of first-time smoking. Opt for any music that you will seem to like.

  • The comedown of cannabis

Comedown is not terrible like a hangover. Further, after smoking, you will feel a bit sleepy, but that is okay. Right after smoking weed, you can have cottonmouth in the morning. But it depends on how much you have smoked. Just keep yourself pre-hydrated and drunk plenty of water between the puffs.

Why is vaping better than smoking?

  • Vaping is affordable

All the traditional tobacco products are costly and are taxed. With vaping, the initial investment is high, but then you can purchase the vape pens too. After buying all the products, the costs will be significantly less.

  • E-liquid is available in menthol

Menthol E-liquid is a step towards healthy smoking. There are many flavors in e liquids also. Right from menthol to fruity, it has all the flavors.


Smoking for the first time can be tricky but aim towards keeping it light-hearted. It’s better to share all the experiences with all the close friends. This way, you will learn how to roll a joint too.