Five essential safety tips every sex toy purchaser should be aware


  • What Materials Are Your Toys Made Of

There are some materials that consumers might prefer to avoid, even though there is not enough scientific evidence to assess the safety of each sex toy material. Some toys contain phthalates. These chemicals are also found in some plastics and have been banned from toys and pacifiers for their potential to disrupt hormones. According to the FDA, it’s not known what (if any!) impact phthalates could have on human healthcare. However, if you make a conscious decision to not use phthalates in any other area of your life, like cosmetics, it is important to realize that they could still be in your sex toys.

Many products claim to be phthalate-free. However, the industry is unregulated and no organization can verify these claims. One thing to remember is whether the toys that you’re using are soft or jellylike. Phthalates may be used to soften. They are more likely in toys with a lot of holes, and they can be more easily absorbed by porous materials.

Although this does not imply that jellylike toys are necessarily unsafe, there is research to support it.Bliss Vixen Sex Toys are made up of the best material that will give you the best pleasure and are good for your health.

  • You can wash and dry your sex toys regularly

You already know that females are more likely to get urinary tract infections (UTI). What you may not realize is that the bacteria that cause UTI occurs in the area near the anus. It is more likely that bacteria in the vicinity of the anus can enter a woman’s urinary tract, where they can multiply to cause a UTI.

UTI prevention demands strict genital hygiene. That means keeping any item that comes into contact with sensitive areas as germ-free as possible.

Also, sex toys may become covered in dust or other particles when they’re being stored.

If you need washing instructions for toys, make sure to contact the manufacturer. Some toys are dishwasher-safe. Others are not.

  • Condoms to Lower Infection Risk

Because even though toys are kept clean, the infection can still be transmitted. A November 2014 study published by the Journal Sexually Transmitted Illnesses found that vibrators retained the human papillomavirus for a full day after their use.

Experts state that condoms must be removed if there are any changes in the parts of the body that come into contact. For example, from oral to vaginal uses.

  • Use Sex toys as intended and skip household items

Read the directions before you purchase a new toy sex-machine. Experts advise you to start slowly if you are new to using sex toys. You should stop if it becomes uncomfortable. Experts suggest that people refrain from using household items as a sex toy. Patients who had used cucumbers have been among her patients.

We’ll often see people using their cell phones on vibrate or electric toothbrushes. What is the result? It is possible for the batteries to not be properly encased. This can lead to a caustic response.

Food products, on other hand, can have a lot of pores, which could carry bacteria and possibly cause infection.

  • Buy from a Credible Company

The sex toy industry is growing rapidly. This makes it more difficult to check the safety of what you’re buying. Experts recommend starting by researching reliable manufacturers and looking for companies that are open about their products. If the manufacturer gives detailed information about its materials and how to use them, it is a good place to start.